Bozcaada Camping is located in Bozcaada district of Canakkale. The campground which is in Sulubahce, the south of the island is 5 kilometers to the center and only 300 meters to the one of the most beautiful and favourite beaches – Ayazma Beach. The camping field ist 7500 sqaure meters.
Bozcaada Camping is suitable for caravans and tents. Multiway plugs which supply electricty (220V) are to find throughout the campground. We provide our guests who have no tent, sleeping bag, mat and camping equipments their with needs. Also bungalows are available for our guests who do not prefer to camp in tent.
You can easily attain to Bozcaada Camping by mini-buses which depart from the center every 20 minutes, by a taxi or by your personal car. It will be enough to walk for a few minutes in order to reach the beach. Ayazma and Habbele Beaches are 300 meters, and Sulubahce Beach is only 200 meters from the campground.
You can eat daily prepared breakfast, fresh cold and warm snacks, and regional specialities in our Camping. Hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also available.
Bozcaada Camping is every year open from may till october. In winter it is closed.
Guests who visit Bozcaada are already special people. We promise our guests trying to escape from the exhausting city life a natural vacation under the stars in a tent, bungalow or your own caravan with our genial and friendly personnel. Please do not expect more.

Price List: http://www.campingbozcaada.com/?page_id=47

Reservation/Contact/Map: http://www.campingbozcaada.com/?page_id=26

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